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Ubytování Český Krumlov - Hotel Mlýn

Hotel Mlýn - Water power station

The hotel in the centre of the town on the Vltava river with green energy from its own water power station

The energetic solution of the hotel Mlýn contains small water power station, heat pumps, thermal insulation, recuperation.

The building of the present hotel was a mill in the past, which was built up on the mill-race connecting the upper river bed with bottom stream of the Vltava river. In the frame of the reconstruction of the industrial building into the hotel, a small water power station was established. This power station consists of 2 sets- regulated and unregulated Kaplan turbine with total capacity 65 kW. The annual production at the average flows covers the whole consumption of the hotel, the surpluses are utilized in the distribution network. The hotel is energetically economical, because during reconstruction it was possible to insulate the object thermally. In addition, thermal energy from water streaming through the mill-race is used by means of heat pumps, which increased the energetic savings. The machine room of the hotel is equipped with 2 dual heat pumps that heat the hotel in winter and serve as air condition in summer and during the whole year they warm useful water. The air recuperation system from the common rooms is energetically helpful.

Except of unique location, nonrecurring views and excellent service, the hotel Mlýn means quite unusual combination of elements enabling ecological operation- makes use of kinetic energy by means of installation of a small water power station, makes use of internal latent heat by means of thermal pumps and, at the same time, saves the energy by means of thermal insulation of the object with use of air recuperation from the internal rooms.


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